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Latest listings

< 1 month
ordinary corrugated board
Product code : 1.05.00
Current leading bid
105,00 €/t
(3 bids)
250 tonnes
2d 08h 17mn
< 1 month
Thick natural colour covers to be washed
Product code : 4.02.42
Current leading bid
380,00 €/t
(5 bids)
50 tonnes
04h 05mn
24 month
SC Q4 bottles - clear blue
Product code : 1.02.13
Current leading bid
Indexed price
220,00 €/t
(8 bids)
Guaranteed min. price
150,00 €/t
240 tonnes
2d 06h 37mn
48 month
sorted graphic paper for deinking
Product code : 1.11.00
Current leading bid
Indexed price
85,00 €/t
(4 bids)
Guaranteed min. price
70,00 €/t
2400 tonnes
3d 01h 05mn
< 1 month
Crushed scrap iron (< 0.2m x 0.2m)
Product code : E40
Current leading bid
248,00 €/t
(2 bids)
500 tonnes
2d 08h 17mn
< 1 month
Demolition AGS aluminium
Product code : Aluminium
( 0 bid )
25 tonnes
2d 19h 49mn


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