Frequently Asked Questions


Who can join the marketplace?


Our marketplace has been created for professionals and is only open to producers and consumer of sorted materials packaged for recycling.


Why join Squarly® ?


In addition to giving you access to the entire market, Squarly® provides a full service built on four cornerstones:

  • Marketplace = optimising and simplifying your purchase/sale process,
  • Logistics tracking = managing and tracking your loads/collections,
  • Customer interface management = providing secure and simplified processes,
  • Reports = analysing and accessing your data.


What is the minimum authorised tonnage for an online listing?


To achieve a standardised process, the minimum tonnage for sale correponds to a full lorry load of a uniform, sorted, packaged material.


Which materials can I buy/sell?


The sorted and packaged for recycling materials accepted on Squarly® are papers/cardboard, plastics, ferrous and non-ferrous metals. These can come in various form (packaging/preparation), which you can specify/view.


How does Squarly® make its money?


Squarly® has no hidden costs and embodies the platform's general themes of simplicity and transparency. A monthly subscription is required of each buyer and a commission is applied to transactions only if the sale goes through.


Who sees what?


The identities of buyers and sellers are not shown during auctions. The identities of the two partners are revealed only once the sale has gone through, so that they may contact each other. However, in order for buyers to adjust their bids according to transportation costs, the seller's loading site state/province is displayed.


How long do auctions run for?


For listings with a term < 1 month: 3 business days (exluding bank holidays)
For listing with a term > à 1 month: 5 business days (excluding bank holidays) or 10 business days (excluding bank holidays), as decided by the seller.
The time remaining is shown on the marketplace.


How does Squarly® ensure my data remains condifential?


Our priority is managing your data and ensuring it remains confidential. Our marketplace has been designed to ensure that eash stage of the process is sealed in terms of the parties' data; this neutral solution best serves our customers. Our marketplace is built on a highky secure model. We have 24/7 maintenance to ensure the system operates correctly and to prevent any data leaks. The data are hosted on an outsource, dedicated server with restricted access. The server is managed by an indenpendent external service provider bound by a non-disclosure agreement. Our entire team also has a strict, binding confidentiality clause in their contracts.