Squarly® is ushering in a new era

by expanding mindsets and

revolutionising market practices.

Before Squarly®

  • Fragmented perceptions
  • Complex, multi-task management
  • Multitude of discussions and parties
  • Volume, price and transportation risks

With Squarly®

  • A comprehensive view of the market
  • A lean transaction approach
  • One-to-one relationships
  • Control over volumes and tracking

Our Goal

To harness the power of digital technology to turn business constraints into opportunities while controlling the risks

Digital marketplace

Squarly® is a dedicated recyclable material sale and purchase marketplace (paper, cardboard, plastics, ferrous and non-ferrous metals) providing exhaustive information on the materials with full transparency.

Community of professionals

Buyers and sellers are bound by Squarly’s code of ethics throughout the process: information sharing, binding transactions, upholding logistics commitments, etc.

Dedicated and qualified team

Every day, Squarly’s team supports the buyers and sellers it has audited, checks listings to be published and provides expertise at every stage of the transaction.

Simplified, secure processes

Sell online and buy in a few simple clicks through the auction system: Squarly saves you considerable time in the sale/purchase process while also ensuring secure transactions with the sales contract.


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